Leadership Solutions For High Performing Organizations

Using the Art & Science of Human Behavior to Drive Results

Leadership Solutions For High Performing Organizations

Using the Art & Science of Human Behavior to Drive Results


Gain Valuable Insights

Apply Research-Based Strategies

Grow Confident Leaders

Develop Leaders to Support the Success of Your Business

The most successful businesses provide leaders with effective tools to move their teams forward and exceed corporate expectations; avoiding employee fatigue, wasted time and ineffective communication. Alison Fragale helps high performing organizations achieve results by providing leadership and negotiation strategies to improve the overall execution of the company’s vision.

Offering interactive workshops, keynotes and in-house training programs, Alison combines the science of psychology and organizational behavior with the art of execution to promote effective leadership skills. By mastering the art and science of human behavior, leaders are equipped to overcome whatever challenges your organization faces.

Advance the next generation of leaders forward so your business can succeed and make an impact.

How Alison Fragale Can Help You


We listen to your challenges and brainstorm how the science of human behavior can equip your leaders to make positive changes and lasting impact.



We create a customized experiential program rooted in science, designed to be informative, actionable and engaging for your audience.


Through keynotes or workshops, delivered virtually or in person, we provide your leaders with skills and insights to help them excel and achieve business results.

For over a decade, Alison Fragale has served as a prominent expert on leadership, psychology, and negotiation for top executives and organizations. As a tenured professor at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, Alison brings the science of human behavior into organizations to enhance employee effectiveness, satisfaction and influence.

Committed to helping organizations move from unpredictability and frustration to understanding and execution, Alison has served as a speaker, instructor, and consultant to numerous top organizations and industry groups. Her instruction on the psychology of power and leadership is part of the required general officer curriculum in both the U.S. Army and Air Force.

Work with Alison:

Speaking Engagements
Group Workshops
Instructional Design
Online Courses
Leadership Coaching
“I have worked with Alison over the last decade and seen her engage audiences around the world at levels from senior executives to flag officers to MBA students. Alison approaches topics of negotiation, power, influence and leadership with a deep knowledge of the most relevant and current research in the area while making it tangible, accessible and most importantly, actionable for her audience. Her energy and passion for delivering insights that can help executives grow sticks with you – I have talked to participants years later who were with Alison for only an hour who talk about how her session helped them in a recent negotiation.”
Susan Cates, former COO, 2U

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