Custom Workshops Designed For Your Needs

Research-Based, Experiential Learning For Long-Term Change And Achievable Results

Custom Workshops Designed For Your Needs

Research-Based, Experiential Learning For Long-Term Change And Achievable Results

Effectuating Change Using the Science of Human Behavior

When people come together and have a common experience about what each one is facing, they feel validated – and when you’re able to see new tools and skills truly working, you’re able to achieve long-term change.

Working with groups big or small, each workshop is customized to your organization’s specific leadership goals and challenges. Combining the science of human behavior with experiential learning, your team will experience a paradigm shift that leads to long-term change.


We create customized workshops based upon your specific needs. The following is a sampling of the various workshops we can create based upon your particular circumstances.  Click on each section to learn more.


Negotiation is an essential part of a leader’s toolkit, but it inevitably creates fear and doubt about how to do it right. Negotiation occurs when responsibilities are assigned, people are managed or when deals are struck. During this workshop we focus on mastering negotiation fundamentals, facilitating win-win agreements and developing collaborative relationships. We will customize each presentation for your particular audience (e.g. negotiation strategies for women, multi-party negotiations, negotiating across cultures)

Power and Influence

Replace with this: Being able to influence others and build credibility in the workplace requires a specific set of skills and insights. The Power and Influence workshop can be customized to cover a wide set of skills including how to influence without authority, developing and utilizing a professional network, and understanding how the psychology of power can derail leaders.

Change Management

Organizations are in a constant state of change. Yet, individuals are wired to resist change, creating dissatisfaction and resistance that can often stall implementation. The Change Management workshop focuses on empowering employees to become better change agents and implementers in their organization. Providing a process to help leaders manage and overcome resistance, this workshop will provide your employees with the tools to build trust and improve employee engagement.

Women in Leadership

As organizations struggle to retain and promote talented women, women struggle with the idea of “having it all” and how to manage stress, anxiety and guilt. Further, female leaders often experience anxiety about being judged negatively when they step into leadership roles to advance their careers. This workshop presents the science behind these experiences, as well as research on the strategies women can employ to have greater career success and personal satisfaction.

Group and Team Effectiveness

Effective group or team performance begins with an understanding of shared goals and understanding individual roles and responsibilities. This workshop will help your team develop the skills to become a high-performance team. Focusing on skills like conflict resolution, performance motivation, communication, and appreciating differences, this fun and informative workshop will help you overcome the common challenges faced by every team.

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

The effectiveness and success of your company often depends on the ability of your leaders to make critical decisions. This workshop focuses on teaching employees how to be more observant and forward thinking in their individual roles. We’ll help your team learn how to gain support for overarching strategies while maintaining flexibility to avoid flawed decision-making.

Discover which workshop will help your leaders, team and organization find more success


Let’s discuss your current challenges and what you want to accomplish through a workshop.



We’ll create a custom workshop based upon the topic you need in the format that best suits your audience.


Each workshop is designed to help you achieve maximum results for your team, leaders or organization so you can reach the long-term changes you seek.

We explain why leaders’ struggles are predictable and how effective leaders can overcome them.  Our mission is to achieve transformation for both the individual and organization, so you can move forward with success.

  • Provide valuable skills for negotiation, team building and leadership
  • Retain high performing employees
  • Create better job satisfaction and competency
  • Support the next generation of leaders
  • Realize greater financial achievement
“Alison Fragale is a superb public speaker by any measure. I have had the privilege and pleasure to listen to over 50 of her lectures to audiences of a couple dozen or hundreds of attendees. As a mentor to those audiences, I often follow her presentations with small group discussions of her topics which are related to the art and science of negotiation and the consequences of power. Thus, I can calibrate how well her audience absorbed her lecture, which in every case has been outstanding. She is a master of her lecture subjects, and blends well researched facts, her opinions and humor to keep her audience engaged throughout her lecture. Alison is one of the very best speakers I know, and I’m confident she will meet the standards of any requirement she faces.”
Tom Metz

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