Online Workshops

Designed To Help Your Organization Take The First Step

Online Workshops

Designed To Help Your Organization Take The First Step

Helping Emerging and Senior Leaders Master Important Skills

Through partnership with the University of North Carolina and Fortune, Alison offers two on-line workshops to help emerging and senior leaders hone their personal skills. These six-week courses are designed for leaders looking to augment their knowledge through science and reflection and combine live virtual class training with on-demand coursework.

Developing Your Leadership Style

Touching upon both the art and science of leadership, this workshop combines decades of leadership research principles and tactics and offers best practice information for leaders looking to enhance their skills.

Utilizing research from psychology and business as the foundation, Alison demonstrates how leaders can develop their own art form – putting principles into practice in a way that is both authentic and fits within their individual style.  Equal time is given to instruction and the ability to reflect, discuss and apply the information to everyday situations.

Negotiation and Power:
The Art & Science of Persuading Others

The ability to negotiate successfully in a variety of circumstances is critical to the success of the individual and organization. 

In this workshop, we will examine negotiation types, frameworks and strategies to enhance your negotiation style while understanding how power impacts our behavior. Applied to your personal experiences you’ll have an opportunity to get feedback on newly developed skills.

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“If you are looking for a speaker who is engaging, knowledgeable and personable, Alison Fragale should be on your list. She quickly establishes credibility with an audience and holds its attention with accessible stories and examples from research. We have engaged Alison for over six years and continue to be impressed by her ability to understand our business and culture, connect with our leaders and inspire personal and organizational change.”
Cynthia Wiley, Director, Learning & Development, AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

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