High Level Leadership Thinking Delivered To Your Group Or Organization

High Level Leadership Thinking Delivered To Your Group Or Organization

Educational Keynotes That Inspire and Create Change

With over a decade of experience speaking to hundreds of audiences, including Lowe’s Home Improvement, ExxonMobil, the U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy, Alison delivers presentations that are compelling, powerful, and interactive.

Bringing together her knowledge of human behavior with real-life examples.  Alison delivers keynote speeches to organizations to enhance employee well-being, leadership skills, and effectiveness.

Informative and entertaining, Alison delivers presentations that can add breadth to your corporate retreat, business meeting or industry-group session. Keynotes can be customized for any topic or duration to suit your specific needs or agenda.

Every Presentation Is Designed to Meet Four Key Expectations


Grounding each training or workshop in the science of organizational behavior, I employ research findings and theories to increase awareness and provide frameworks relevant to your particular circumstances.


Participants have the opportunity to put what they learn to work right away. Each of my trainings and workshops offer people the chance to practice new behaviors and methods in circumstances that occur regularly in the workplace.


I use stories, movie clips, and activities to keep learning fun and informal. Rather than simply talk to my audience, I keep your team engaged and involved in learning.


Being able to put learning into action is an art. The goal of each session is for participants to leave with one or more ways to do their job differently. We help participants understand how to execute and have the confidence to do it long-term.

Humorous, accessible and informative, Alison will design a research-based program tailored to your exact needs.

Although all presentations are rooted in research from psychology and organizational behavior that informs how individuals think, feel and act at work and in life, Alison provides a safe space for leaders to step back from their responsibilities and reflect deeply about how they can improve their skills going forward.

Common Topics include:

The Art of Negotiation
Developing and Utilizing Your Network
Motivating Employee Performance
Change Management
Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making
The Psychology of Power

Let us create a presentation to support your leaders, team and organization


Let’s discuss your current challenges and how Alison can meet your specific needs


We’ll create a custom keynote presentation based upon the topic you need in the format that best suits your audience.


Each keynote presentation is designed to help you achieve maximum results for your team, leaders or organization so you can reach the long-term changes you seek.

Organizations want to have happier, more productive employees who can effectively carry out their strategic vision. We help you achieve that mission by delivering presentations that provide your audience with increased self-awareness, improved habits and conscious action. Offering real-life tools and examples to show people how to think and behave differently, we provide science-based, actionable advice to help your audience achieve their goals.

Inspirational, in-depth and fun, every presentation is designed to engage your audience.

“Alison Fragale is a superb public speaker by any measure. I have had the privilege and pleasure to listen to over 50 of her lectures to audiences of a couple dozen or hundreds of attendees. As a mentor to those audiences, I often follow her presentations with small group discussions of her topics which are related to the art and science of negotiation and the consequences of power. Thus, I can calibrate how well her audience absorbed her lecture, which in every case has been outstanding. She is a master of her lecture subjects, and blends well researched facts, her opinions and humor to keep her audience engaged throughout her lecture. Alison is one of the very best speakers I know, and I’m confident she will meet the standards of any requirement she faces.”
Tom Metz