For Organizations Who Want Academic Support To Design and Execute In-House Training

For Organizations Who Want Academic Support To Design and Execute In-House Training

Develop and Evaluate Your Organization’s Training Programs

If your organization has established, ongoing leadership and talent development programs and you want a partner to develop, expand or evaluate offerings that can help you grow, Alison works with you to create and assess program content.

We focus on providing flexible and complete learning and development solutions to help you develop high-impact training programs for your individuals, teams and organization. Whether you have 20 people or 2000, we’ll provide you with the skills and practical tools to effectively create change for your organization.


Cost Effective


Flexible And Client Focused


Results Oriented

Partnering With You To Deliver Better Results

With over a decade of academic expertise, delivering speeches and workshops to thousands of people, we understand what it takes to create powerful training programs that create change. We’ll work with your team to develop the right content and deliver the highest quality train-the-trainer programs. When we work together, we can help with:

    • Creating training material and providing resources
    • Instructional design to evaluate your current portfolio of offerings
    • Communicate key messages to be delivered
    • Explain the theory behind the content
    • Provide critical feedback to trainers

Whether your team is new to training or has delivered hundreds of programs, our in-house training solutions are designed to help you achieve better results. We will work with you to ensure that your programs and content remain educationalexperiential, entertaining and above all, executable.

Partner with Alison to help your leaders, team and organization experience greater success


Let’s discuss your current challenges and how our in-house training services can meet your specific needs.



We’ll partner with you to evaluate and augment your in-house training program based upon your unique goals and objectives.


Our train-the-trainer services ensure your organization provides cohesive, rigorous training programs that deliver greater results.

“I have worked with Alison over the last decade and seen her engage audiences around the world at levels from senior executives to flag officers to MBA students. Alison approaches topics of negotiation, power, influence and leadership with a deep knowledge of the most relevant and current research in the area while making it tangible, accessible and most importantly, actionable for her audience. Her energy and passion for delivering insights that can help executives grow sticks with you – I have talked to participants years later who were with Alison for only an hour who talk about how her session helped them in a recent negotiation.”
Susan Cates, former COO, 2U

Interested in creating an in-house training program for your team or organization?

We create personalized programs that ensure greater success